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Spintso Ref Watch 2S Black/Grey

by Spintso
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The smartest watch for the referee!

The Spintso Referee Watch 2S is the most advanced watch on the market. Before the match you can set the watch completely to your liking: set the minutes per half, set the number of halves and set the duration of the rest. By pressing the start button you immediately start four different timers that work together in the same system. During the match you only need to use the start/stop button. If you have stopped the time, for example during an injury treatment, the watch reminds you every 10 seconds that the time has stopped, so that you do not forget to turn it on again.

With the Spintso Referee Watch 2S you have full control over the match. Set the halves to say 45 minutes, set half time to 15 minutes and start the match. If you stop the time, the watch automatically adds the time, and after the end of the half, the watch automatically adds the time. After the end of a half, and after the end of the half, you will receive a reminder from the watch in the form of an audible signal. During the match you have three timers at your disposal: a timer that indicates the playing time, a timer that counts down to the end of the half and a timer that adds up all extra time.

The Spintso Referee Watch 2S is 20% smaller than the PRO, and has an audible signal instead of vibration.

Settings for the watch:

Number of periods/halfs: 1 to 9
Number of minutes in period/half: 1 to 99
Number of minutes during rest: 1 to 99

Four clocks work simultaneously during the game

A clock that counts up (total playing time)
A clock counting down (pure playing time)
A clock that counts up the extra time (starts automatically when you turn off the main clock)
Separate clock for the break

A beep reminds the referee each time the main timer is off, or when the period/rest has ended.

The Spintso Referee Watch 2S is waterproof for 100m/10ATM. This means that the watch is waterproof and you can swim with it, but not dive.

Spintso always recommends having the batteries replaced by a certified watchmaker. If this is not the case, the warranty expires. That is why Klaver Sport offers this service for you. Click here to use this service!

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