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Nasser Eco Referee Pants

by Macron
SKU 0217-2037
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Referee shorts in Eco-Softlock made of 100% polyester obtained from recycled PET. Back pockets and side pockets with Velcro closure. The Eco-mesh inserts on the sides and back provide improved breathability. Item offered in black as designed for UEFA 2021 referees.

- Eco mesh inserts
- Pockets with Velcro closure
- Side pockets

This product is unisex. Look for the right size in the size chart .

Material: Eco Softlock: technical fabric specially designed for game sets with 100% recycled polyester yarn. It is light, soft and very tear resistant. Fast drying guaranteed.

Macron Eco Fabrics are made with a thread that is 100% PET recycled polyester and certified by Global Recycle Standard.

PET is a material made from oil or natural gas and is 100% recyclable, bringing it back to the market in the form of new eco-sustainable products. In particular, the PET collected after the first use is reduced to 2 mm chips and then treated to obtain a wire that guarantees the same performance as a virgin wire. The thread does not lose its original properties during treatment and can therefore be recycled repeatedly. Last but not least, compared to virgin polyester, the PET recycled polyester has the advantage that it costs less energy during the production chain. For every shirt produced, 13 0.5 l bottles are recycled.

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