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Macron Galler Wristband Black

by Macron
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Wristband from the Macron brand: the ideal accessory for referees

If you're a referee looking for the perfect accessory, we have the solution for you. Meet the official wristband of the Macron brand. This wristband is specially designed to meet the needs of referees. They are used during important football matches such as EURO 2024, the Champions League, the Europa League and the Nations League.

An elastic to attach your flute

One of the unique features of the Macron wristband is the elastic that can be used to attach your flute. As a referee, it is essential to have quick access to your whistle during a match. This elastic band allows you to wear your flute safely and comfortably on your wrist, so you are always ready to whistle when needed.

A zippered pocket for all your belongings

In addition to the handy elastic for your flute, the wristband also has a zippered pocket in which you can store small items. Consider, for example, keys, coins, a notepad or even your mobile phone. This zippered compartment ensures that your important items are safely stored and that you have everything within reach during the match.

The wristband is supplied per piece

The Macron brand understands that every referee has their own preferences when it comes to accessories. That is why the wristband is supplied individually, so that you can decide how many wristbands you want to wear and on which arm you want to wear them. This way you can fully customize the wristband to your own style and preferences.


As a referee you want to look professional and be well rested during important matches. The official wristband from the Macron brand offers you the ideal solution. With the elastic to secure your whistle and the zippered pocket to store all your belongings, you'll always be ready to referee. Order your wristband(s) now and complete your outfit!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I order the wristband?

You can easily order the wristband via our website Select the desired number of wristbands and add them to your shopping cart. Then follow the simple ordering process and you will receive your wristband(s) at home within a few days.

2. Can I return the wristband if it does not meet my expectations?

Yes of course! At we strive for 100% satisfaction with our customers. If the wristband does not meet your expectations, you can return it within 14 days of receipt. Please contact our customer service and they will help you further.

3. Is the wristband suitable for referees of all levels?

Absolute! The official wristband from the Macron brand is suitable for referees of all levels, whether you are a novice referee or an experienced professional. It is the ideal accessory that completes your outfit and is at the same time practical during competitions.

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